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Dwarf conifers garden.... wbgarden.com



wbgarden 2018 gallery

wbgarden 2018 gallerywbgarden dwarf coniferswbgarden japanese maples gallery

wbgarden housewbgarden maple

Photogalleries of Jan Slama dwarf conifers garden - wbgarden.com - you can find on Facebook, Pinterest, etc ...

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Dwarf conifers gardening
Sorry, in Czech language only. I am looking for friendly international publisher. Thank you.


Czech gardening magazineCzech gardening magazine

Sorry, in Czech language only.


Dwarf conifers grating in Czech TV. Live.

newDwarf conifers grafting. Czech TV live.Dwarf conifers grafting. Czech TV live 1.Dwarf conifers grafting. Czech TV live 2.new


wbgarden silent huntwbgarden pf 2012wbgarden silent hunt 1


Czech magazines 2011 writing about our Dwarf conifers garden - wbgarden.com

wbgarden japanese mapleswbgarden czech garden magazine czech garden magazinewbgarden japanese maples



Sorry, in Czech language only + video...

wbgarden hobby game
Autumn 2010 on wbgarden.com.
South Tirol dwarf conifers trip and making Czech TV program
Neighbours hobby games...

South Tirol dwarf conifers wbgarden gardens game


Spring 2010 on wbgarden.com...

wbgarden Pinus aristata wbwbgarden climbwbgarden pushing Pinus aristat scionwbagrden dwarf Pinus mugo


Dwarf conifers 2009 buttonnewwbgarden novanewdwarf conifers 2009 button

Czech Tv Nova december internet movie from wbgarden.com

wbgarden movie


Some new autumn pictures from my dwarf conifers garden.

Czech radio interview with famous gardener, traveller, collector and excellent czech painter Libor Vojkuvka

wbgarden - painter Libor Vojkuvka

Some pictures of this end of spring Roma pines and another silly photos from eternal town..

wbgarden roma pines

Some this year articles in Czech magazines about Jan Slama dwarf conifers garden. Only in czech language.

dwarf conifer gardenJan Slamasilva bohemica


Jan Slama fantasy garden -wbgarden.comJan Skama fantasy garden  wbgarden.com

PF 2009 with Czech Home style and architect design magazine, and of course
with our dwarf conifers garden.
Jan Slama - wbgarden.com
I don´t know, if I am so old or if I was so lazy last year.... I have so many new photogaleries but I can´t publish it.
Maybe if winter be so tough and I´ll not be able to continue with my gardens pleasures, I´ll do something more,,,
Some pictures just for fun, please....
Garden Ladies from MoscowRelax in stone pit

Garden ladies from Moscow and relax in stone pit....
Empty place... wbgarden rock garden studie
So so empty place was designed 25 years ago in school garden.., wbgarden new sketch....
wbgarden rockery

New school garden with maybe one hundred dwarf conifers from all over the world.....
That´s all folks.., see you later...
Jan Slama - wbgarden.com

Members of American, British and Dutch conifers societies visited 1. 8. 2008 Jan Slama dwarf conifers garden - wbgarden.com
in Ostrava Hrabova - Czech republic - Europe .

Dendrologists flood on wbgarden.com - czech press about conifers societies visitors - in czech language only...

Dendrologists flood on wbgarden.com

February dwarf conifers gallery with Czech TV stuff of course.....
Jan Slama - wbgarden.com

Dwarf conifers and TV stuff

dwarf conifers kamera

Dwarf , rare and unusual conifer derived mostly from witch´s broom. Welcome to my dwarf conifers galleries...
Jan Sláma - wbgarden.com

buttonDwarf conifers garden visitorswbgarden house

Some pictures of dwarf conifers collectors and witch´s brooms enthusiasists visiting our
Dwarf conifers garden and wbgarden house....

New dwarf conifersdwarf coniferGardening is a game... TV wb show...house and gardenWb gallery
witch´s broom wb wbgarden

Dwarf conifers witch´s brooms wb

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Dwar, conifers witch´s brooms

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